“RAW” More Than Just Strength


Transform your body with our “Raw” More Than Just Strength Workout

Are you finding it difficult to fit in a complete workout routine into your hectic schedule? Do you desire a fit and well-toned physique without investing countless hours at the gym? Well, we have some great news for you! The RAW More Than Just Strength Workout by 30 Minutes to Fitness, Powered by Coffeyfit, is finally here. Place your order now as quantities are limited.

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  • Workout One: RAW "Heavy Up and Move": This workout is designed to build beautiful, youthful muscles with heavier dumbbells that are performed in a unique cardio-infused format called Cardioacceleration!
    Studies have long-proven that weightlifting torches calories long after the workout has ended. It has been further proven that inputting cardio in the place of rests amps up the burn even more!
    No more waiting around for your next set...MOVE FOR THE BURN!
  • Workout Two: RAW "Balance, Strength & Core": This workout focuses on total body strength while holding balance positions to challenge your core...and more!
    Just as Weight Training is important for a youthful lifestyle, Balance is vital to strengthen your legs and ankles all while preparing your body to age with a stable foundation.
    *Kelly's favoriteEquipment: Dumbbells
  • This is a presale, the workouts have been filmed and are now in the post-production phase. The shipping date will be announced upon completion of the DVDs (target shipping in late January).
  • $10.00/DVD plus shipping & handling.
  • no returns or refunds
  • Limited supply of DVDs
  • All DVDs sent first-class
  • Overseas sales may have delayed shipping time due to the holidays
  • no premixes on RAW DVDs
  • Only sold on coffeyfit

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