“RAW” Total Body Timesaver – Strength Workout


Transform your body with our Total Body Timesaver “Raw” Strength Workout

Are you finding it difficult to fit in a complete workout routine into your hectic schedule? Do you desire a fit and well-toned physique without investing countless hours at the gym? Well, we have some great news for you! The Total Body Timesaver Workout Series “Strength” by 30 Minutes to Fitness, Powered by Coffeyfit, is finally here. Place your order now as quantities are limited.

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  • Push: Comprised solely of "pushing" exercises using dumbbells and a bench,this workout targets your Shoulders, Triceps and Chest. You'll be surprised at the strength gains you will notice in less time.
  • Pull: This Upper Body Strength workout is the perfect split compliment to your "PUSH" workout. These timeless "pulling" exercises target your Back and Biceps using dumbbells and a bench.
  • Lower Body: No more hurting your knees with endless squats and lunges...Strengthen and tone your legs and glutes with this little gem. Using only one pair of dumbbells, this workout session will help you achieve a leaner and fitter lower body in less time, with less pain and with less dread!
  • Functional Strength: "Just Do It"...grab a pair of challenging dumbbells to increase your overall strength and improve your current fitness level. In this Time-Saver workout, Kelly takes you through specific moves designed to recruit multiple muscle groups for a total body strength session that offers a metabolic effect. This is the perfect way to quickly ignite your body from head-to-toe!
  • Abdominals: Get the strong Abs you always wanted without the dread factor. The key to this time-saving session is Kelly's mechanically-friendly selection of moves to prevent premature muscle and hip joint failure of the muscles and hip flexors. This little Abdominal session is one you wont dread doing!you've always without the dread factor. *The added benefit is that strong Abdominals is good for your back!

*Please be sure of your purchase since there are No returns or refunds.

*This product has been filmed and is now in the post-production phase. The impending shipping date will be announced on the 30-Minutes to Fitness website, Facebook and Instagram.

This is a RAW workout DVD and does not include premixes. This is a limited edition DVD, order today to get your copy.

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