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“Train Smarter, not Harder’

The key to a long and fit life is knowing how to Train Smarter, not Harder! Long training sessions, choosing the wrong type of workouts and not listening to your body can all lead to roadblocks along your fitness journey.

It has been proven time and time again that long training sessions aren’t better than shorter ones. This fact is a perfect example of “more isn’t always better”. Focusing on only 60 minutes or more can lead to overuse injuries, boredom and fatigue. Over the last ten years scientific studies have revealed that 30 minutes a day is better for your body. These workouts are best varied in intensity and structure to further prevent overuse injuries, boredom and fatigue.

The 80/20 principle is a great way to keep your training safe and effective; 20 percent of your workouts should be intense and 80 percent should be of moderate intensity. *Although long training sessions are not good on a consistent basis, a long workout every now and then is fine for a challenge in the 20 percent category.

Even on your more moderate training days, your body might not be up to the overall challenge. We all have good days and bad days, strong days and weak days. If you are not physically up to a scheduled workout and you dont think you can push through safely, take the intensity down (modify) or pick a different one altogether. Challenging yourself does not mean pushing yourself through joint or muscle pain. Pushing yourself means pushing through a tough move or workout…and tough means it might leave you breathless or physically tired, but it should not hurt! *Always schedule at least one or two rest days a week.

Another factor to think about is “who is my trainer”, “is my trainer right for me?” Is it someone who you identify with or is it someone social media has made the flavor of the month? Does he look like he just walked out of a fitness magazine or is she much younger and looks great in a crop top? Not all trainers are created equal and not all trainers are appropriate for all people. Unless you are a 20-year-old in training for competitive sports, choose an experienced trainer (not just certified on paper but has years of practical experience) who knows exercise physiology and follows the 80/20 principal. Never let hype or Hollywood dictate who your trainer is or what workouts are right for you.

At the end of the day, long training sessions don’t fit into the lifestyle of the average person. Productive people have too much to do in a day and once you factor in showering, getting dressed and grabbing a quick protein snack, 60 minutes becomes a rushed 90 minutes and that is not at all practical!

To stay in the fitness game, your workouts have to be Time Efficient, Safe and Effective.  All three of these factors, when choosing your workouts, will keep you healthy and injury free for years to come!


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