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“The Importance in Balance in Your Life”


To have good balance is to have a healthy and active life that is injury-free. Unfortunately, the average person views Balance training as a “senior citizen thing” or for someone rehabbing an injury. Though both of these classifications are true, Balance is crucial in everyone’s daily life.

Why is Balance Important

It’s true that balance training is important for seniors because it lessens the risk of falling and getting hurt. It’s also true that those going through physical rehabilitation need balance training because it strengthens all of the minor supportive muscles of the injured area. What is also true is that for whom balance is important doesn’t stop there.  The average healthy person also needs balance training to strengthen the many underused minor supportive muscles that allow us to perform everyday activities with ease. Jumping over a puddle, swinging a baseball bat, reaching up high to grab an object, and doing step aerobics are a few examples of activities that require balance.

Balance In Your Workout

Balance training doesn’t have to be boring and it can be more than simply standing on one foot, Try fitting balance training into your life by sprinkling a few moves into your workouts or during your cooldown/stretch phase. Balance moves are a perfect way to take a break from sitting at your desk. If you want balance as a more in-depth workout by itself, Tai Chi and Yoga are great ways to gain better balance and get a great, no-impact workout in. 

Getting Started

To begin balance training, start slow and increase as your balance improves and the challenge is conquered. Holding each move for 10-20 seconds (and remember all of these holds are strengthening your ankles and other muscle groups),  Here are some progressions to work toward: Stand on one foot (strengthens ankle), stand with one knee up (strengthens ankle, hip flexor, quadricep, and lower abdominals), stand with leg held in front of you (strengthens the same as the knee up but much more difficult), stand with your leg out to the side of you (strengthens ankle, outer thigh, hip), stand with your leg up behind you (strengthens ankle, glutes, lower back, and hamstring), and finally hold a scale (strengthens, ankle, leg muscles, and core).

“Kelly’s Komments”

You can do balance anywhere and it doesn’t require any equipment…get started today!

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