“The Benefits of Strength Training for Women”


In the past, women believed being thin coincided with being beautiful. This flew in the face of the fact that voluptuous women like Marilyn Monore were recognized for their beauty. Today we admire women like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansen, and many others with hour glass figures. I believe the need to be thin hysteria was due to fashion magazines and TV commercials only showing women who were extremely thin and frail-looking. Ironically, the only relief we women had back then was the yearly Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. How is it that a men’s magazine advertised shapely, fit-looking women and we were stuck looking at Twiggy?


Fact and Fiction

Enter 2022 and a new way of thinking…Thank God! As a female who has lifted weights since the age of thirteen, I am so relieved that the world around me caught up. Today women are grabbing weights in a relentless quest for more muscle. All of the ugly untruths of weightlifting for women is finally gone: Muscle turns into fat…false! Muscular women are not feminine….False! If women lift, they will get big and bulky like a man….False! If you have extra weight, the muscle will make you bigger….False!


Benefits of Muscle

Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. Saying “muscle turns into fat” is like saying an apple can turn into an orange. One of the benefits of adding muscle is that it sculpts lean muscle mass for a leaner and more feminine appearance. This is due to the fact that a pound of muscle is significantly more compact than a pound of loose flabby fat. A huge benefit of muscle is that it actually aids in the fat-burning process by speeding up your metabolic rate. (eg; two women, both 126lbs, one has more muscle and the other more fat, but they both weight the same. If they both do a 30 minute coffeyfit workout, the woman with more muscle will burn more calories even if they workout at the same intensity. FACT!)


“Kelly’s Komments”

SO to the women of today who know that muscle is the key to a healthy and fit lifestyle…us women of yesterday are proud of you!.


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