“My aching back” is heard around the world by a large majority of the population.


Assuming your workouts are designed with safety in mind and that you are performing the moves correctly, lower back pain is usually due to a weak core, tight hamstrings, and tight hip flexors.

Warming Up

My favorite moves to warm up and strengthen the core are Deadbugs and Bird Dogs.


To strengthen your core, be sure to do planks daily; Three to five sets holding as long as you can with good/tight form, and be sure to include basic crunches and bicycles a couple of days a week to your workouts. This will only add ten minutes to your workouts so should not take the place of anything you are already doing.

Tight Hamstrings

Tight Hamstrings inhibit the mobility of your back. Stretch your hamstrings by sitting on the floor with your legs apart and hold one leg for 1-20 seconds, 3 sets per leg.

Tight Hip Flexors

Tight Hip flexors pull on your back, and since they are the opposing muscles to the hamstrings, they too need a good stretching: Step forward (lunge) and hold position pushing your hip forward. Hold for 10-20 seconds, 3 sets per side.


In this blog post, we learned about the importance of warming up, strengthening your core, and stretching Hamstrings and Hip Flexors.  We also learned that two exercises to warm up and to strengthen the core are the Deadbugs and Bird Dogs exercise.

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