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Workout Intensity for Results

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Workout Intensity for Results

Hey everybody here’s a question I’m getting: How do I work out? Do I work out hard every single day? I don’t want to work that hard my body hurts.

Well, you’re not supposed to work out hard every day. There’s an 80-20 principle. What that means is 80% of your workouts is moderate and 20% is intense. So think of that. Every workout isn’t supposed to be your your like down and dirty really horrible hit workouts every single day just grinding your body down. Your workout should be moderate. It should be work. There should be times where you’re winded. Times where you’re pushing through certain moves. But the entire workout shouldn’t be dreadful. However, that 20% you have to have a couple a week where you’re really pushing yourself and you’re trying to like you know get the most out of your body. So try it that way. 80% moderate workout level 20% intense. Tell me what you think.


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