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Rest Days

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Rest Days

Rest Days!  Who’s ready? Everybody needs rest days.  Some people feel like they can’t take a rest day because they’re going to, I guess, backslide in their workout routines. That’s not the way that works. The rest day is your day for your body to heal and get strong. If you keep beating it up your body will just get weaker and you’ll get injured. Take your rest days! I take at least two a week just so my body is like, healing and getting strong. For example, if I lift heavy, not I mean 10 pounds, if I’m actually lifting heavy I have to take that next day off from working those muscles because those muscles need time to rest so they heal. What happens is when you lift heavy you have tiny little micro tears in your muscle. So what happens when you rest is it heals and comes back stronger. So if I avoid my rest days, I avoid the healing and strengthening process. So take your rest days! I say take two!

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