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“Break Through Your Fitness Plateau”


Fitness Plateaus are common, but with patience, you can break through them and achieve your fitness goals. Plateau basically means your body has become adjusted to the workouts and you are simply going through the motions.  If you don’t break through the plateau, you are merely maintaining your present fitness level. Over time, workouts get stale and so does your body, so you need to change it up periodically. Change can be with the specific kinds of workouts or your overall regimen/schedule.  



If you are accustomed to a specific form of exercise, consider adding different training principles to challenge your body in a different way,  For example, if you do cardio five days a week, take away two of those days and replace them with weight training.  Adding muscle not only gives you more strength to work out harder, but more muscle helps you burn more calories during your cardio sessions. Along with increasing the quality of your workouts with a stronger body, muscle also strengthens your bones and gives your joints a break from all of that pounding. (this takes away the need to discuss overuse injuries and burnout).



Now that you’ve added other forms of training to your workout schedule, think about doing specific rotations. Rotations are a great way to avoid plateaus because you are constantly changing things up. Rotations are preset schedules of workouts (sometimes with a specific goal in mind) and last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.  You might of heard of “muscle confusion”, rotations are a great way to elicit change by shocking your body with continuous challenges. ( One rotation might be 6 weeks of Cardio, Intervals and Core strength, followed by a 4-week Rotation of Strength and endurance)


Change Up Your Duration and Intensity

Lastly, If you are used to doing 60 minutes or more a day at a moderate pace, forgo the long training sessions and start doing 30 minutes with your best effort.  Longer is not better and has actually been proven to be less effective than a shorter workout.  


“Kelly’s Komments”

If you don’t change something…nothing will change!


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