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30 Minutes to Fitness "Meltdown"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Meltdown"

This DVD has two, 30 minute workouts that will challenge your overall fitness level and burn mega calories for a full body Meltdown!

Workout One includes a series of challenging mulit joint exercises with moderate to heavy dumbbells followed by barbell lifts (Dumbbells can be used in place of a barbell). Kelly goes one-on-one with you in this workout to keep you focused and pushing through the rough spots. In this workout your trainer is now your workout partner....the struggle is real and you'll do it together!

Workout Two is Tabata Boxing on a heavy bag. Kelly and her crew will take you through short rounds of basic punching combinations that are interesting and effective. The time flies by as you Melt Down your middle and sculpt a leaner, fitter upper body. You DO NOT need a heavy bag, instead you can shadow box right along with one of the exercisers who does the entire workout without one. The challenge is still there and the results will still come.

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Body Design"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Body Design"

This DVD has six, 15 minute workouts. You design your own workout by choosing the 2 training techniques of your choice. Your options are; Cardio Bootcamp, light db Cardio Sculpting, Upper Body Strength, Stronger/Leaner Lower Body, Kickboxing with light dbs, Yoga Flow Stretch. *Although theses 15 minute workouts are designed to be all-inclusive and not needing a full warm up or stretch, they have been added as another option in case you want or need them.

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Amped Up Cardio LIVE"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Amped Up Cardio LIVE"

"Amped Up Cardio" was filmed in front of a LIVE audience so that you can enjoy a group fitness class in your own home.

There are two 30-minute workouts that are upbeat, fun and challenging. These two workouts offer a unique infusion of boxing, basic aerobic moves, plyometrics, calisthenics, and core work that will help you burn calories and get in shape. These action-packed workouts are designed to trim down your waistline, tone up your arms/legs/glutes, and improve your overall strength.

You will enjoy every fun, challenging, and sweaty minute as time flies by!

"Amped Up Cardio LIVE" offers additional workout options, including a quick Drill Mix, that will quickly and effectively blast your entire body on those busy days when even 30 minutes is too long.

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning" Vol 2


30-Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning" - Volume 2

Whether you are an athlete, a retired athlete still in training, or just want to train like one...30-Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning" Vol 2 is your quick and complete full body challenge.

Workout One is a thorough program utilizing functional strength training in an easy to follow format. Your entire body will be pushed to the next level with a single pair of dumbbells. You won't use heavy weights, you won't be jumping endlessly, and there isn't an overabundance of repetitions. Keeping it simple and effective, "AC2" includes 3 rounds of 12 exercises that challenge you for real results.

Workout Two is a floor-based workout that strengthens your core and increases flexibility. The unique fusion of these two styles is the key to the success it delivers. Most core/abdominal workouts exhaust your hip flexors and abs prematurely and most stretch routines are too boring to complete. Workout Two delivers a strong core and increased flexibility more effectively than all the others... and in less time!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Strength & Stamina"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Strength & Stamina"

The only equipment needed for these two, full body workouts are dumbbells and a kettlebell (a dumbbell can take the place of a kettlebell).

This one-of-a-kind format is designed to increase your strength, improve overall muscle definition, and blast away at calories. Both workouts consist of traditional dumbbell exercises, kettlebell swings and scattered cardio leg blasts. All moves are performed back to back in a non-stop flow throughout to challenge your cardio and muscular endurance.

Along with the many extra premixed workout options, a 30 minute Step workout has been added for a quick, fun and effective calorie burn.

30-Minutes to Fitness "Strength & Stamina" is a no-nonsense, no-frills workout that is designed to work you hard to get you more results less time!

Recommended weight loads: Advanced: 15 and 10 Intermediate: 10 and 7 Beginner: 5 and 3

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Lean Body Circuits"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Lean Body Circuits"

Lean Body Circuits has 2, 30 minute workouts that blasts fat, improves muscle shape and definition and elevates overall fitness gains.

Both workouts are made up of athletic drills, upbeat boxing combinations, lower body weight exercises and upper body strength training. These challenging and effective drills are performed back to back to give you a leaner, fitter, stronger body...quicker!

Equipment needed: dumbbells (moderate to heavy for more of a challenge)

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Cardio/Pump"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Cardio/Pump"

Cardio/Pump has 2 different 30 minute workouts.

Workout One (Cardio) is a fun and energetic Boxing workout that burns mega calories to reveal a slimmer, sleeker you!

Workout Two (Pump) is a weight lifting workout performed in a unique pyramid-style format. Pyramid Training has been proven time and time again to increase strength, enhance muscle definition, and boost metabolic rate. This total body workout is neither boring nor dread-invoking...its quick, its effective and its empowering!

Pyramid training is ideal for all levels of fitness!

Equipment needed: 3 pairs of DBs of different weight loads. (eg; 15's, 10's, and 7lb dbs: The more advanced, the heavier the weight loads.)

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 30 Minutes to Fitness "Abs & Core" 
30-Minutes to Fitness "Abs & Core"

This DVD has two 30 minute workouts that are packed with effective abdominal and core moves from start to finish! Whether you do the complete 30 minute workouts or simply choose to do a 10 minute segment, you will strengthen your abs, trim your waistline and truly improve your overall core function. The exercises included are standing waistline moves, plank work training and various effective sit up variations all targeting the core area. 30 MTF Abs & Core attacks your midsection from all angles to get you real results faster!

It's time to stop doing sit ups that are ineffective and harmful to your back and start using 30 MTF Abs & Core.

This DVD is a compilation of the abs/waistline/core work from Kelly's previous releases. Now instead of finding which DVD to go to for your preferred ab workout, just press play on this compilation DVD and chose your favorite.

It's never too late to have the body you want - and that includes great abs!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning - Volume 1"


30-Minutes to Fitness Athletic Conditioning - Volume 1

I’ve been fortunate enough to play sports my entire life, so it’s a pleasure for me to offer this conditioning program to athletes who want to stay fit and get faster during their off season.

Every athlete should show up to their first day of practice ready to go. Coaches shouldn’t have to spend their first few weeks getting their athletes in shape.. that’s your job and that’s where this DVD comes in!

You have the choice of 2 different 30 minute workouts. Both are geared toward getting your stronger and faster.

Workout one is a cardio workout that’s tough but very doable. Once you press play, don’t give up. Pay attention to my form tips and try to keep your energy at the same level as the other athletes on the workout. This workout is only 30 minutes so do your best.. Not More… Not Less!

Workout two is a 30 minute athletic stretch session that is crucial to your speed and to ward off sports related injuries. Every athlete needs a good stretch routine.. every athlete! Many athletes don’t stretch enough.. and that’s a big mistake!

So whether you are a 13 year old athlete embarking on a higher level of play or a college student on a scholarship… 30 Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning” is the key to your off-season training.

So now get ready because it’s Time to Get Started!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Slim Sculpting


30-Minutes to Fitness "Slim Sculpting"

SlimSculpting is geared toward improving your fitness level using only a kettlebell or a single dumbbell. It’s important to note that using a kettlebell really does amp up the workout!

Both workouts require great form and precise execution. There are no over–the-top positions and no over-stressing impact on the joints. All controlled moves selected are geared toward slimming down your hips and outer thighs, trimming your waistline, tightening your glutes, sculpting your arms and burning lots of calories!

…But Remember…FORM IS CRUCIAL!

Because the selection of exercises target each muscle group without over-taxing your body… these workouts fit in nicely with my philosophy that everyone should train smarter!

It’s important to note that although I do use traditional kettlebell (KB) moves, not all of the usual exercises are included. After leading numerous test classes in Olympic lifting and KBs, I have taken out a few standard moves that I determined to be too technical for many. Performing these moves incorrectly not only brings minimal benefits but can really increase the risk of injury.

So instead of focusing on moves like the cleans and snatches, I have focused on the swings.. because the swings are the keystone in KB training.

Make sure you check out the premixes on this DVD as they offer many different workout options!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Muscle Up...Lift 2B Fit"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Muscle Up...Lift 2B Fit"

Fact:  Muscle burns calories
Fact:  We lose 5% of muscle each year after age 26
Fact:  Muscle loss leads to premature bone loss

Muscle is crucial to sustain a strong, healthy and fit lifestyle!  30MTF "MU" has 2, 30 minute workouts that will help you stop losing muscle and start rebuilding a strong foundation.  These workouts are designed to reshape your physique and revitalize your lifestyle in less time!

All of the exercises used are traditional lifts taken right off the gym floor and formatted for you.  The key to your success in "MU" is straight-forward and simple for everyone: use heavier weights than usual. 

Workout One is Back/Chest and Shoulders and Workout Two is Legs/Glutes and Arms. Also included in "Muscle Up/Lift 2B Fit" are numerous premixes, including a full body workout and an additional Abs Bonus.

Attention everyone over 26 years of age...Its time to Stop losing muscle and start gaining it...You won't get'll get lean!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Home Gym Intervals"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Home Gym Intervals"

has 2, 30-minute workouts that minimize the amount of equipment you need to set up and the length of time you need to spend doing it. 
HGI maximizes the calorie-burning effect of these two highly effective cardio/sculpting workouts with only your cardio machine and some dumbbells. 
No more long, boring, joint-stressing  cardio workouts that bring little results.  No more dragging out endless props that take up precious time and space.  Kelly's unique design of HGI will have you constantly moving from your Cardio to your dumbbells to keep you engaged and on your way to achieving a lean, fit physique in your own home.

Along with the two, 30 minute workouts, HGI also includes a 10 minute Waistline Bonus and various premixes to keep your workouts fresh and effective.

It's time to take your drying clothes off of your cardio machine and jump on for a great workout!

Exercise Equipment

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30 Minutes to Fitness "ShapeUp"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Shape Up"

includes two, 30 minute Tabata-style workouts designed to get you fit quick.

These workouts have a unique twist to the traditional Tabata style workouts. Fitness professional, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, alternates traditional weight work with straight-forward cardio drills that are truly challenging. This updated format keeps it fresh and effective.

You can choose what results you want to achieve by merely selecting the appropriate weights. The dumbbell exercises can be used to increase muscle definition or to improve your overall strength. Heavy or light's your pick.

The cardio drills are what takes these workouts to the next level. Each challenging exercise is performed at 100% and will push you to your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds. The success of completing these tough blasts is achievable due to short work phases followed by brief recovery periods.

These interval workouts will re-shape your physique and burn mega calories as it conditions your body to work harder and more efficiently!

*Tabata: Eight rounds of the same exercise performed for 20 seconds followed by a ten second rest phase.

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Trim Down"


30-Minutes to Fitness "Trim Down"

is a combination of dumbbell exercises and upbeat boxing drills that burn calories fast, in TWO 30 Minute Workouts!

The easy-to-follow dumbbell exercises, with compound moves, are designed to thoroughly sculpt the entire body and improve your overall fitness level. There is an extra emphasis on the lower body for most of the moves, elevating the heart rate to the fat burning zone, creating a leaner physique.

The boxing drills are used to elevate the heart rate and strengthen the entire upper body at the same time. The easy to follow punching combos increase the calorie-burning effect by the fast pace jabs, hooks, crosses and upper cuts, resulting in a leaner and stronger upper body. The definition in your arms, shoulders and waistline will improve each time you workout.

30MFT "Trim Down' is your non-stop cardio/sculpting workout that is quick, effective and fun!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Body Shop"


30-Minutes to Fitness “Body Shop”

has two 30-minute full body workouts that burn calories as you sculpt, lengthen and re-shapes each muscle group.

With the use of dumbbells, I will take you through traditional exercises sprinkled with fresh and effective twists that increase the overall effectiveness of each move. Upper body muscle groups are superset with lower body exercise and then followed up with a compound move to further challenge all of the muscles worked. To give you a rest from holding the dumbbells I will take you through a couple of low intensity cardio drills that focus on lengthening and toning stubborn areas of the lower body.

These workouts will tone the larger muscles while strengthening the under-used minor muscle groups to create a long and lean appearance.

Time will fly by as you tune up your body in this "Body Shop" workout!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Total Body Kickbox"


30-Minutes to Fitness “Total Body Kickbox”

has two different kickboxing workouts: 

Workout One is traditional kickboxing in an easy to follow format. This energetic cardio workout burns maximum calories, leaning out your upper body and trimming your lower body without excessive stress on your joints.

Workout Two utilizes light dumbbells in a slower, more controlled format.  This cardio sculpting kickbox workout will get you on your way to a fit and trim physique in only 30 minutes.  Due to the use of light dumbbells, your shoulders, arms, and waistline will transform as you burn calories and have fun. 

*Premixes will include interval workouts.

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Your Healthy Back"


Your Healthy Back

This DVD is not a typical workout session.  This is a unique self-care DVD  that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy and strong back. While its known that your back is crucial to everyday life, many people suffer with mild to extreme back discomfort.  With continued use of 30-Minutes to Fitness "Your Healthy Back" you'll feel noticeably better as your strength and flexibility increases.

This isn't a lot of hard work that will bring you great rewards in the future...this is a little bit of focused work that will bring you small rewards daily.

Over the past eight months I have been working with licensed Physical Therapists to design an in-home therapy session that will keep you coming back to it so you get results. In this DVD I will lead you through our top ten exercises in a slow and meticulous format.   No equipment, no craziness, no frills...just straight forward physical therapy exercises presented in a safe, result-driven manner.  

So, whether you have a back issue or not ..this DVD will help keep you active and comfortable for years to come. 

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Cardio Quick Fix"


30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Quick Fix”

Getting fit doesn’t have to take up a lot of your day. Each 30-Minutes to Fitness DVD is designed to get the job done in less time.

Cardio Quick Fix has two calorie-blasting workouts that are effective, fun, and easy-to-follow.

Workout One is an upbeat low impact workout filled with a variety of unique moves with an athletic twist. Kelly keeps you moving and grooving without any fuss or fancy footwork.

Workout Two is more intense. This fat-burning workout is comprised of straight-forward exercises that start low and graduate to a more challenging level. The selection of moves and the constantly changing intensities will keep the challenge going while maximizing the calorie-burning effect.

“Cardio Quick Fix” also includes additional premixes to keep it fun as well as an Abs/Hips/Glutes bonus to lean out the usual troublesome areas.

30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Quick Fix” burns mega calories in less time!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Plateau Buster"


30-Minutes to Fitness “Plateau Buster”

30-Minutes to Fitness creator, Kelly Coffey Meyer, brings you two Plateau-Busting workouts on one DVD.

Committing yourself to a fitness regimen will usually bring you results in the first 4-8 weeks. Soon after, your body will adapt to the workload and halt your progress. This DVD is designed to help you break through those stubborn plateaus.

These workouts will not only have you burning mega calories during the workouts, but will also speed up your metabolic rate so you'll continue burning calories long after the workout has ended. Kelly will take you through taditional weight work with dumbbells, compound moves, cardio, and body-weight exercises in an upbeat challenging, and easy-to-follow format. She will keep you focused throughout the workouts to keep you on track toward reaching your fitness goals in less time.

As you get stronger, fitter and less challenged over time, merely increase your weight load and experience the challenge once again. You can't grow out of this can only grow out of your current fitness level.

Simply put, "Plateau-Buster" will boost your metabolic rate so you'll shed pounds faster!

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30 Minutes to Fitness "Start Here"


30 Minutes to Fitness “Start Here”
will get you started on your health and fitness journey from the comforts of your own home. You’ll enjoy 2 separate, 30-minute sessions which include an easy-to-follow cardio workout and safe and effective body sculpting routine.

With “Start Here”, you’ll feel and look better as you sculpt toned arms, trim down your legs, increase your strength and burn maximum calories.

*Attention all Walkers
…muscle burns calories…Start here! 30 Minutes to Fitness “Start Here” is also a great for working around minor limitations, post-pregnancy comebacks, hectic schedules, graduating from a beginner status, or having stopped working out and just need to start back up.

If you are an advanced exerciser, use these workouts on your rest days or on days when your body is dragging and not ready for a long, intense session. “Start Here” will elevate your mood, get rid of stiffness and help you feel energized for the day ahead. Just because you’re advanced…doesn’t mean you can’t “Start Here” and feel great!

Equipment used: Dumbbells

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